Honoring the Past & Embracing the Future









     Here at MP Products we believe that any working person should never have to spend a lot of money on doing something that brings them joy.  We know and understand how hard people work every day to support themselves and their family, that is why we offer our great parts at great prices.  We actually fell into this company, you see we were just like everyone else, we had regular jobs and a passion for cars, Mustangs in general.  With the increasing popularity of Mustangs comes the increase in prices on parts, so with previous experience in mold making and plastic fabrication we set off designing our own parts.  We even made our own machines to make our parts. 

    It has been eight years we still have the same mentality and most of the same machines, but we have a bigger building along with a 5 axis CNC machine to help us be more productive on our parts.  We are always coming up with new designs and products so always check back.




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